The rapid growth of new technologies for the home are making existing phone and cable wires obsolete.  The explosive growth of the Internet, combined with the increase in telecommuting and home offices, require a new wiring standard.  USA Abel and On Q Technologies offer the builder the wiring foundation needed to ensure that the home is connected to today's services and prepared for new technological advancements in the years to come.
USA Abel offers a modular structured wiring system that can meet the needs of the smallest town home to the largest single-family residence.  USA Abel also offers upgrade options, including a home entertainment center, home office, and home network system.  USA Abel can design a structured wiring system that will meet any builder's specifications and allow for flexible upgrade options for the homeowner.


On Home Wiring Systems



        Service Center
This is where services from outside the house (cable television, telephone, DSS satellite, Internet, etc.) enter the home.  The central hub distributes these services to locations throughout the house.


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