Die Cast Metal Manual Pull Stations

Silent Knight's new line of manual pull stations feature high-quality, die cast metal construction. They are available in either single or dual action configurations with SPST switch, and with wire lead or terminal strip connections. The normally open contact, which closes when the pull station is activated, is rated for 1 amp, at 125VAC, or 3OVDC. The contacts are gold-plated to avoid risk of corrosion. All models in the series have been tested by UL for compliance to the latest requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).


  • UL Listed.
  • CSFM approved.
  • MEA (BSA) approved.
  • ADA compliant.
  • Weatherproof model approved for outdoor use.
  • Single or dual action
  • Terminals or wire leads.
  • Key reset models use same keys as Silent Knight enclosures.
  • Surface mount back boxes available.
  • High-gloss red enamel finish on die cast metal.
  • Corrosion-resistant gold-plated contacts.

The single action pull stations are operated by simply pulling the handle on the front of the station as far down as it will go, at which point the handle locks into place and is easily visible from up to 50 feet. A scored acrylic break rod is also supplied with each unit for applications where that is necessary. The handle is reset by opening the station with the hex wrench or key, placing the handle in the normal upright position and re locking the station.

On dual action models, pushing the PUSH bar causes it to rotate inward, allowing the PULL handle to be grasped in a one-handed motion. The dual action models are also supplied with break rods. Dual actions models are reset in the same way a single action models.

The weatherproof version of the pull stations is provided with a gasket and die cast metal back box tapped on one end for 1/2-inch conduit, for surface mounting.