Model 5204

Silent Knight's 5204 is compact and easy to install and service, delivering features you'd expect to find in systems costing much more.

The basic 5204 unit offers local fire alarm control for up to four zones and central station communications with the optional UL listed Model 5205 Digital Communicator.  The 5204 provides 3 amp current for external devices and two 1.5 amp supervised notification circuits.  The system is compatible with both 2- and 4-wire smoke detectors.

The 5204 includes an annunciator inside the cabinet for annunciation and operation.  LEDs are visible without opening the cabinet.  Operation keys include SILENCE, DIALER RESET, and DISPLAY TROUBLES.

Remote annunciation is available through the optional Model 5230.   This four-wire annunciator can perform the same operation as the main system annunciator and features English-language LCD display.


  • The 4 Class B (Style B) zones are interchangeable to Class A (Style D) using the Model 7181 Zone Converter
  • Fuseless design reduces service calls
  • Field selectable 24 or 12 VDC power supply
  • 3 amp current output available for external devices
  • Compatible with 2- and 4-wire smoke detectors as well as water flow and sounding devices
  • Two 1.5 amp supervised notification circuits programmable for steady, pulsing, temporal, supervisory
  • Auxiliary outputs of 1.5 amp at 12 or 24 VDC and 175 mA at 12 VDC (only)
  • Smoke verification, pre-alarm delay and cross-zoning minimize false alarms
  • Two general purpose relays (2.5A dry contact form C)
  • Optional plug-in UL Listed digital communicator (Model 5205)
  • Up/downloading (reduces service time)
  • Programmable from on-board touchpad or
    optional remote annunciator
  • Accu-Zone diagnostics


  5204 Spec Sheet

  5204 CSFM Listing