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SK-6324 6 Zone Fire Panel

A 6-Zone fire control at a price that doesn't burn your budget.

The SK-6324 is a six-zone, 24-volt conventional fire alarm panel.  Simple to install and operate, this is the state of the art in small fire control panels.

The SK-6324 provides a number of powerful features.  Six Class B initiation zones, three 2.5 amp notification circuits, and a 2.5 amp power supply are standard features.  You simply cannot install more power for the money!  Other standard features include a half amp auxiliary power output for special applications such as door holders; dedicated alarm and trouble relays; easy to use on-board annunciator; and a compact cabinet that can house up to two 7.0 AH batteries.

The SK-6324 is easy to configure via dip switches, no programmers are required.




  SK6324 Spec Sheet

  SK6324 CSFM Listing

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