SK 2224 Two Zone Fire Panel

Introducing Silent Knight's 2 Zone Fire Panel

Perfect for smaller commercial building projects, Silent Knight's new SK-2224 2-zone fire panel is the most capable, yet simple, small fire panel in the industry.

Capable because it is the only 2-zone fire panel that actually tests twice before triggering an alarm. The Enhanced Smoke Verification feature allows the SK-2224 to run smoke detectors and pull stations within the same zone, while still distinguishing between the two signals. Plus, the SK-2224's robust 2.5 amp power supply is more powerful than those of competitors' 2 zone panels.

Whether in a new project or a retrofit, this NFPA-compliant panel is simple to install. It's also easy to program with simple-to-operate DIPswitches. In addition, the panel can be made even more powerful with optional remote annunciator and digital communicator add-ons. The SK-2224 is one powerful little panel.

Take it from Silent Knight, the experts in the fire industry - good things definitely come in small packages.




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