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Access control has never been easier than with Pass Point—the award winning access control solution tailor-made for small building applications.

Pass Point is a total Access Control solution, combining a rich set of access control features with an easy-to-use Windows 95/98 interface. The system, once configured by using the Pass Point Express software, can be fully operated in an off-line mode. The system would subsequently only need to be brought on-line for future card enrollment and other configuration changes as the need arises.

The Pass Point Express software is a graphical user interface for configuring and manually controlling the Pass Point Access Control system. The system was designed with a goal to develop an easy-to-use and intuitive interface for setting up, controlling and configuring the Pass Point Access Control system. There are wizards which take the user one step at a time through operations such as account setup and adding cardholders, among others. There is the capability of using predefined and custom system templates for quick setup of systems. There is a simple graphical interface which presents the system configuration in such a way that is intuitive and easy to use.


  • True 32 bit applications compatible with WIN95, 98, NT
  • Graphical presentation of system architecture
  • Control over system resources by point and click functionality
  • Real time monitoring of events
  • Full custom reporting suite
  • Easy-to-use Wizards for system configuration
  • Automatic field hardware enrollment

Networking with Lon Works
Echelon's patented Lon Works networking technology is the key to Pass Point's connectivity. With a speed of 78Kbps, Lon Works gives Pass Point the capacity to expand with ease and the power to outperform its competition.

Designed to accommodate long wire runs, Lon Works polarity-insensitive networking technology supports a fully open topology.

In fact, for a free topology wiring circuit, 1500 ft. (500 meters) of unshielded, twisted pair cabling takes you anywhere and everywhere you need to go there are no rules.

For a more orderly, bus topology configuration, up to 4000 ft. of unshielded twisted pair can be deployed - and may be further extended with Lon Works repeaters.

Seamless Connectivity:
Pass Point's advanced networking technology gives it the power and the speed to outperform the competition. Fast, Trouble-Free Installation: Pass Point Express, a Windows based software program guides you through system configuration. Wizards take you step by step though operations such as account setup and adding cardholders.

Effortless Expansion:
Pass Point that grows along with you. There's a range of easy to install modular expansion kits available that allow you to custom-design configurations to suit your needs.