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System Basics

Hybrid Systems
Expandable, flexible and full of advanced features.

Advanced Hybrid Systems
One communication system that's at home anywhere.

Digital Super Hybrid Systems
Take the Hybrid Design a giant step further.

Panasonic is dedicated to creating phone systems that make communicating by phone, fax, e-mail, voice-mail and modem easier for everyone.

The components of a phone system.
Every phone system consists of the phones, a control unit which acts as the system's brains and options like voice processing, a sophisticated answering system.

The Phones: Anyone who has ever tried to transfer a call, set up a conference call or retrieve a message will appreciate the intuitive and intelligent design of the Panasonic 7000 Series, 7400 Series and the 12-line cordless KX-T7885 proprietary telephones. But there's more to a phone system than the phone...

The Systems: Panasonic has three types of communication systems: 
Advanced Hybrid Systems and Digital Super Hybrid Systems. While each system varies by the number of incoming lines, extensions and capabilities, they all share one basic advantage: The Hybrid Design.

Hybrid Systems let you use less expensive single line phone equipment where sophisticated system phones aren't required, without changing or adding extra equipment to the control unit.
You can instantly double your number of extensions by connecting both a proprietary phone and single line device to the same expansion port.
As your business grows, your flexible, expandable and affordable to own and operate Panasonic Hybrid System will grow with it.

Panasonic Hybrid systems allow you to use proprietary system phones along with a standard home phone, answering machine, fax machine, cordless phones or any piece of equipment that's classified as a single line device.

When integrated with the Digital Super Hybrid System, the Panasonic Voice Processor TVS75, TVS100 and TVS200 make voice processing easy. Better still, they require no special software or costly hardware upgrades. Learn more about
Panasonic Voice Processors.